Presented in 22 formats including CD, vinyl, cassette, reel-to-reel tape, Amberol cylinder, computer punch card set, and customized/reprogrammed Furby that plays the entire album when squeezed.

Remixes and B-Sides

  • “High and Dry (Kazoo Remix)” – 106-minute remix featuring Sting on kazoo
  • “High and Dry (Kazoo Dub)”
  • “Black Star (Dance Remix Featuring Scatman John)” – White label for clubs
  • “High and Dry/This Is How We Do It (Megamix)” – Smash Hits magazine free flexi disc megamix of “High and Dry” and Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It”
  • “Bullet Proof… I Wish I Was (Banjo Version)” – Featuring Faith Evans on banjo
  • “Just (Sex Mix)”
  • “Fake Plastic Trees (Indigestion Mix)”
  • “My Iron Lung (St Bostwith’s Junior School After-School Recorder Club Version)”
  • “Fake Plastic Trees: Merry Christmas” – Christmas version recorded for fan club
  • “Just (Bugle Version)” – Featuring Matt LeBlanc on bugle
  • “The Bends (Gluten-Free Remix)”
  • “Coruscating Munchausen (High and Dry B-side)”
  • “Myopic Lesbian Barbeque (High and Dry 12” B-side)”
  • “Louie Louie (Kingsmen Cover Version — Fake Plastic Trees B-side)”
  • “Unctuous Television (My Iron Lung B-side)”
  • “Listless Fasciitis (Just B-side)”
  • “I’m Just a Cheeky Bounder (Street Spirit (Fade Out) B-side)”
  • ….and many more.

Early Demos and Rare Studio Recordings

  • “Bones (toilet)” – Experimental recording made in a toilet
  • “Fake Plastic Trees (Hanson)” – Early duet with Thom Yorke and Hanson
  • “Fake Plastic Trees (cockerel)” – Featuring John Greenwood’s cockerel interrupting the second verse
  • “High and Dry (drums)” – Featuring 32-minute drum solo
  • “Just (catastrophe)” – Studio version featuring Ed O’Brien simultaneously sneezing and farting before first chorus
  • “you, you f**king f**k” – Early version of “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”
  • “Smelly Lactation” – Abandoned album track
  • “Planet Telex (metal)” – 9-second version in style of Swedish black metal band My Awful Putrescence
  • “Sulk (ice cream)” – Version interrupted by sound of an ice cream van and Thom Yorke excitedly crying, “Ice cream, ice cream, ice cream I want an ice cream!”
  • ….and many more.

Bonus Studio Material

  • Thom Yorke explaining that a bat is a mammal, not a bird
  • Johnny Greenwood smashing up a cello
  • Phillip Selway looking for his keys
  • Colin and Johnny Greenwood having a penis-measuring competition
  • The band watching the entire Bulgaria/Italy 1994 World Cup semi-final during a recording break
  • Ed O’Brien furiously insisting that cream should never be added to risotto
  • A game of Risk that ends with Philip Selway turning over the board after accusing Thom Yorke of surreptitiously moving a cavalry piece into Yakutsk
  • Thom Yorke attempting a crossword and repeating the clue “Education graduates quietly study cover at night” (this would form the basis of an OK Computer-era B-side)
  • ….and many more.

Souvenirs and Artifacts

  • Exclusive The Bends promotional Tamagotchi
  • Full-size bust of Thom Yorke’s head
  • Certified Johnny Greenwood fingernail clipping
  • Mars bar purchased from the newsagent just round the corner from LAK studios in Regent’s Park
  • A small vial of air from LAK studios in Regent’s Park
  • Ed O’Brien’s bike
  • Handwritten essay by Philip Selway on the existential themes of Quantum Leap
  • “High and Dry” lingerie set
  • The Bends tin of baked beans (not to be opened—contemporary promotional food)
  • …and others to be confirmed.

This Limited Edition Box Set retails at $3,500 and is presented in a beautiful dumpster hand-customized by members of the band.