Episode 1 – John Stockton visits a library to research Utah’s contribution to jazz music. Karl Malone auditions nicknames “Pony Express,” “FedEx,” and “Post Master General.”

Episode 2 – While fleeing the notorious Salt Lake City paparazzi, Stockton rubs shoulders with Malone en route to a red carpet exit—The “Pick and Roll” is born. Karl Malone settles on “The Mailman” moniker. Stockton’s shorts rise an inch.

Episode 3 – Stockton’s and Malone’s scenes are cut from Space Jam. Stockton spurns Nike and signs a dress shoe deal with Dockers. They release the sensible “John 3:16” Oxford. Sales surprisingly trail the Air Jordan.

Episode 4 – Karl Malone discovers the 3rd person POV literary device and begins using it in interviews. Amid a crisis of faith, Stockton dishes out 63 assists, setting the single-game record and reinvigorating his Catholicism. It’s forever known as the “Pew Game.”

Episode 5 – Karl Malone, angered that Charles Barkley has two nicknames, offers the Phoenix Suns forward $2 million for “Sir Charles,” arguing Barkley can fall back on “Round Mound of Rebound.” Barkley declines. Stockton’s shorts rise an inch.

Episode 6 – During a heated contract dispute, Karl Malone temporarily changes his nickname to “COD.” “Karl Malone gotta do what Karl Malone gotta do,” says Karl Malone. Stockton plays his first game in hot pants.

Episode 7 – Stockton sets the NBA all-time career records for steals, assists, and mass attendance. Malone, intrigued by David Robinson’s nickname “The Admiral,” purchases a tank. Stockton petitions the NBA to play shorts-less.

Episode 8 – The duo joins the Dream Team. John Stockton meets The Pope, only to discover His Holiness is a Bulls fan. Stockton and Malone end their Jazz careers in 2003, both at the age of 55.

Episode 9 – Malone plays his final NBA season with the Los Angeles Lakers, but pens a “Dear John” letter each night. Stockton uses a coupon to save fifty cents on whole milk.

Episode 10 – Malone finishes 2nd all-time in points scored, trailing only Kareem Abdul Jabbar. “Karl Malone could’ve caught Lew Alcinder, but Karl ain’t catchin’ Kareem,” says Karl Malone. “And you can quote Malone on that,” adds Malone.

Episode 11 – John Stockton is inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame the same year as Michael Jordan. Due to a poorly lit venue, Jordan’s shadow looms over Stockton’s seat for much of the ceremony, rendering him unrecognizable on camera.

Episode 12 – Despite complaints from Jazz fans, the same seating arrangement is used the following year when Karl Malone is inducted alongside Scottie Pippen. Unsurprisingly, Scott’s shadow similarly shrouds Malone. The NBA mistakenly apologizes to the Chicago Bulls.

“Stockton and Malone: The Last Jazz Session” airs Sunday mornings at 3:30am EST on ESPN Deportes Dos.