Your baby looks so flexible!

Have you seen that Dateline episode about the swimming babies?

Anyone can breastfeed, right?

My cat would love that baby.

So newborns sleep on their tummies and ONLY on their tummies, right?

Pet pythons are a lot cuddlier than people think.

Is your baby's passport up to date?

He'll fit right in my backpack!

My ADHD is really getting so much better.

I've always wanted to try co-sleeping!

What is all this nonsense about peanut allergies?

The last time I took a baby to an escape room, it didn't go well.

Your baby is gonna love Times Square Hide-n-Seek.

It's cool how super resilient babies are.

What does your baby like better, Slip ‘N Slide or Lawn Darts?

It's okay if I pretend this is my own baby sometimes, right?

If you guys die, can I have it?