Fosters obsession, dependency, and addiction.

Reveals its awesome power to any who would wield it at the simplest of touches.

Renders its bearer, or everyone except its bearer, unseen when activated.

Communicates wirelessly with other units of the same ilk.

Possesses the capability to amplify sounds within its immediate vicinity.

Features a sleek and elegant design constructed of precious, rare-earth elements and only a minimum of engravings.

Causes madness, rage, and desperation when misplaced, separated from, or permanently lost by its bearer.

Serves as a GPS tracking unit/homing beacon when enabled.

Constantly lurks in the back of the mind and distracts its bearer from the immediate task(s) at hand.

Facilitates voyeurism into the lives of others who possess similar units.

Provides a platform that helps unite and embolden the forces of evil.

Causes soreness in the neck among those who handle and stare at it too frequently.

Instigates covetousness among all who encounter it except for living-off-the-grid types.

Can only be unmade in a highly toxic inferno in a faraway land.