1. A bloody expensive production.
  2. An oppressively prudish focus on discretion.
  3. Heaving, aching bosoms.
  4. A sudden change in position can lead to permanent ruin.
  5. Just girly dribble.
  6. Feelings shifting drastically from hate to love in a mere fortnight.
  7. So horny.
  8. An exquisite sonata played on the pianoforte can leave one in shambles.
  9. Unbearably tight, restrictive clothing.
  10. Distraught ladies in waiting who fear pregnancy, despite touching nary an ungloved hand.
  11. Elaborate undergarments.
  12. Damsels helpless to prevent a devilish rake from wreaking havoc on their loins.
  13. Men desperate to avoid walking down “that” aisle.
  14. Just when you think it’s over, plot twist!
  15. An unfair, archaic system that forces women of childbearing age to endure repeated cycles of torture in the name of good breeding.
  16. A time when women are viewed as fragile, emotional creatures incapable of rational thought.

1-16: Period drama and “period” drama