inshoeciant, adjective

¹ free from concern of finding only one shoe because you're not going anywhere anyway

Example: Though the pewter-colored glitter boots were Gabrielle’s favorite, she was inshoeciant knowing she would not be needing them for several months.

informal, adjective

¹ marked by dressing up but not going out

Example: Tired of the Adidas zip-front, Alfred choose informal wear and put on a Gucci tie to watch NCIS: Los Angeles.

halferdashery, noun

¹ the practice of dressing from only the waist up

Example: After months of Zoom meetings, Walter became an expert at halferdashery.

pantemic, noun

¹ wearing the same pants more than three days in a row

Example: Carmen appreciated that a pantemic could save her lots of money on Gain Flings.

chronillogical, adjective

¹ marked by a waste of time

Example: With so much time on her hands, alphabetizing recipes no longer seemed chronillogical.

timentia, noun

¹ not knowing where the day went

Example: Had Marjorie not experienced timentia, she would have had the potatoes in the oven thirty minutes ago.

memorandumb, noun

¹ the inability to remember anything

Example: Jean wondered if her memorandumb was a result of wine or boredom.

calendreary, noun

¹ a calendar with no appointments

Example: Anita stared at her calendreary remembering she once penned activities in those little boxes.

eloosadate, noun

¹ the state of all plans being cancelled

Example: Anita’s calendreary was a reminder that her life had fallen victim to eloosadate.

souptopia, noun

¹ the act of finding a can of Progresso vegetable barley soup you didn’t know you had

Example: Michael shuffled cans of chickpeas and sliced beets until he spotted the blue can in the back and experienced sheer souptopia.

antecampbellum, noun

¹ a feeling of dread when the only food in the house is canned soup

Example: Michael sunk into a deep antecampbellum realizing the only thing left in the cabinet was a can of cream of celery soup.

grouptopia, noun

¹ several virtual meetings scheduled for the same morning

Example: Under the spell of grouptopia, Emil changed his sweater three times, once for each Zoom session.

bazoomed, verb

¹ being admitted to a Zoom meeting before being prepared

Example: Noticing the stain on her blouse, Mallory switched tops but was bazoomed when Sheryl Ann from accounting and Mr. Hoffstein suddenly appeared in the Brady Bunch boxes populating her screen.

routinetinetinetine, adjective

¹ marked by a repetitive repeating of a repeating action over and over again

Example: Erin was happy on recycling day because it made Thursday different than the other days that were just routinetinetine.

oopsydaysie, verb

¹ mistaking one day for another

Example: Erin oopsydaysied and forgot to put out the recycling on Thursday.

booksquirm, noun

¹ anxiety resulting from knowing the only activity you can do is read

Example: Thirty days into quarantine, Joe reached for a book, but booksquirm set in, and he decided to count his silverware instead.

carnoodling, verb

¹ the act of snuggling into the driver’s seat pretending you have somewhere to go; especially in a driveway

Example: While canoodling in her Hyundai, Annie longed for the days when she had errands to run and didn’t have to escape her husband and children.

bleachbum, noun

¹ a shopper who hoards cleaning products

Example: Colleen paid her $134 grocery bill with coins as an act of revenge on the bleachbum behind her with twenty-nine canisters of Clorox wipes.

cvessentials, noun

¹ products ranging from hair color to Cadbury bars

Example: Grateful for her bi-weekly escape to buy cvessentials, Janice took her time folding the sixteen-inch receipt to fit neatly in her wallet.

snews, noun

¹ media reports containing the same content being broadcast across all stations several times a day

Example: Marjorie knew she was a victim of the snews when her husband began to look like Andrew Cuomo.

cooptopia, noun

¹ a rare condition marked by a happiness to be quarantined

Example: Now retired with grown kids , the thought of a calm, quiet quarantine put Fred into a state of cooptopia.