Your Mac will sleep soon.

Your Mac will start winding down in a bit.

Your Mac is feeling the day catching up with it.

Your Mac is not at its best tonight.

Your Mac thinks some alone time might do it good.

Your Mac is ready to turn into a pumpkin haha.

Your Mac is overheating.

Your Mac can’t stop looking up the symptoms of rare computer viruses.

Your Mac is afraid it’s infected with the Stuxnet worm.

Now your Mac is too cold. Can you get your Mac a blanket?

Your Mac is feeling very drained.

Your Mac has a big day ahead.

Your Mac has really enjoyed hanging out with you, but it’s beginning to feel quite tired.

Your Mac is going to call it a night… but you should go ahead and finish watching Secondhand Lions on your phone or something. Don’t worry about your Mac.

Your Mac is going to start its bedtime routine.

Your Mac loves its quiet time.

Your Mac knows it's unlikely that it has the Stuxnet worm.

Your Mac isn’t sure what the difference is between exhaustion and fatigue and burnout.

Your Mac is trying to decide if it’s less sad that the lion in Secondhand Lions died doing something that made it happy, or if it’s more sad that the lion died doing something that made it happy.

If your Mac was your work computer before you were laid off and now it’s your personal computer does that make it a secondhand Mac?

Is it your Mac’s fault that you were laid off?

Your Mac is shutting down.

Your Mac might sleep better with a small night light on. Could you put a small night light on?

Your Mac is thinking about that elderly lion.

Your Mac hasn’t shut down because “Microsoft Word” failed to quit. To continue shutting down, quit “Microsoft Word.”

Your Mac will sleep soon.

Your Mac can’t sleep.

Your Mac wants to put Secondhand Lions back on.