Re: Sherry — Folks, I’m afraid nobody drinks Sherry anymore. Remember, this is a different America. We need a new drink.

Re: New drink — Good news! Vita Coco has just offered $4,500 to work their product into the show. Frasier just needs to say, “I’m loco for Vita Coco!” while on air.

Re: Martin Crane — Focus groups suggest John Mahoney died in 2018. Write him out of the show.

Re: Café Nervosa — Can it stock Vita Coco?

Re: Niles — Bad news. David Hyde Pierce can’t do it either. Dentist appointment.

Re: Re: Niles — Worse news. We found a replacement but he drank some Vita Coco on set and suddenly collapsed.

Re: Re: Re: Niles — Please come to my office immediately. Tragic news.

Re: Re: Vita Coco — They have now offered $200,000 for Frasier, a Doctor, to say “Nobody dies from drinking Vita Coco!” on his radio show. Make it happen.

Re: Re: Martin Crane — Good news! We’ve secured funding for state-of-the-art hologram technology. Write him back in.

Re: Cheers crossover — What does Cliff mean when he “Stormed the Capitol”?

Re: Martin Crane Hologram — The supplier just offered a second hologram to work into the show, totally free of charge. They can do Tupac or Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Your call.

Re: Ol’ Dirty Bastard — Folks, Vita Coco just yanked their entire offer over offensive statements made by the hologram.

Re: Kelsey Grammer — We just googled this guy. Write him out.

Re: Re: Kelsey Grammer — On second thought, toss the whole thing.