1. Exists only in a man’s imagination.

2. Will forever be young and unbridled.

3. Doesn’t have a conventional job.

4. Loves an adventure.

5. Was probably conceived of in a dream.

6. Hair is always messy but still somehow looks good.

7. Main priority is to help a childish man learn to accept responsibility and find happiness.

8. Likes to wear tube tops and/or bright mini skirts.

9. Rarely speaks, but you know she’s deep.

10. Exudes effervescence and whimsy.

11. Thrives off of attention.

12. Very small and cute but has a feisty side.

13. Always the sidekick.

14. Communicates solely through the sound of bells.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl: 1-13
Actual Pixie, Tinker Bell: 1-14