Finding the best OBG/YN for your star sign.

Trading in hard seltzer for hot chocolate.

Hiding your emerging pregnancy bump under cozy oversized sweaters.

Enjoying prenatal vitamins in fun fall flavors like butterscotch, cinnamon apple, and pecan pie.

Experiencing mood swings as sudden as a gust of autumn air.

Switching over to decaf pumpkin spice lattes.

Practicing swaddling yourself up in a big comforter on cold mornings.

Going to a theme park’s Fright Night and being ill-advised to ride rollercoasters.

Getting morning sickness from every scent except Yankee candle’s new autumn collection.

Stocking up on Cozy Uggs in a size up.

Strolling through the park while narrowing down names (“Abbigayle” or “Lakelynn” or “Ozymandius”?) with your partner.

Curling up with What to Expect When You’re Expecting by the fire on a rainy day.

Eating for two at Thanksgiving.

Going to pumpkin patches and being reminded—while gazing at all the pumpkins—what is in store for Second Trimester Winter.