1. Time travels to fix a romance.

2. Creates a crossword puzzle about an unrequited crush.

3. Writes to her every day for a year.

4. Investigates women’s backgrounds to feign common interests.

5. Learns enough French to pretend to be a French tutor.

6. Learns enough Portuguese to propose to a former employee.

7. Goes to his house to snoop in windows.

8. Watches his ex-wife through a window.

9. Hires detective to track down high school prom date years later.

10. Faxes detective agency to get photos of stranger whose voice was on the radio.

11. Flies across country to tell a woman he loves her and serenades her on plane.

12. Flies across the country to catch a glimpse of a stranger.

13. Uses work position to obtain confidential phone number and address of stranger.

14. Follows stranger around city, watches while stranger plays with son.

15. Pretends to be fiancée of comatose man and befriends his family.

16. Drives to cabin where a former classmate has gone for weekend with her boyfriend, after she did not attend a party that he engineered in order to impress her.

17. Takes photos of friend’s girlfriend and keeps them in his living room.

18. Covertly films best friend’s partner, while pretending to ignore her.

19. Confesses love to best friend’s partner on doorstep with cue cards saying things like, “My wasted heart will love you.”

20. After she breaks up with him, appears outside her window in a trench coat. With a boombox blaring the iconic song she lost her virginity to.

21. Still doesn’t leave.

22. Sneaks into her bedroom at night to watch her sleep.

23. Object of affection reports stalking to law enforcement.

24. Murders object of affection.

Iconic Rom-Com: 1-22

Real Life Stalker: 2-24

1. About Time and Back to the Future.

2. All About Steve and stalker.

3. The Notebook and stalker.

4. Hitch and stalker.

5. 10 Things I Hate About You and stalker.

6, 18, 19. Love Actually and stalker.

7, 10, 12-14. Sleepless in Seattle and stalker.

8. Crazy, Stupid, Love and stalker.

9. There’s Something about Mary and stalker.

11. The Wedding Singer and stalker.

15. While You Were Sleeping and stalker.

16-17. St. Elmo’s Fire and stalker.

20-21. Say Anything and stalker.

22. Twilight and stalker.

23-24. Stalker.