Greetings new customer and welcome to Hot Garbage Cones, NYC’s first ever ice cream store that accurately reflects a NYC summer! We know you’re tired of insanely pretentious ice cream popups with flavors like rosemary lime and gem stone (bleh!), and we thought we’d give you something new inspired by our summers in the big city. Peruse our mouth-watering flavors below and remember: buy one ice cream, get the next 15 free!

Hot Subway Platform Mint Chip – This minty fresh ice cream captures that great minty thrill of standing on a subway platform with no A/C with 40 other people who all hate you.

Downpour Strawberry – Put this tangy, sweet strawberry ice cream to your lips and feel as delighted as a chick in a sexy summer dress with no umbrella in sight getting pummeled by a random rainstorm.

Slutty Jean Shorts Neapolitan – An eclectic flavor that will fill you with the joy of wearing jean shorts you bought at age 16 that look better suited for a life-sized Barbie doll.

Tourist Takeover Tutti Frutti – This sweet and festive ice cream recreates the experience of trying to get to a store on 50th and Madison when 900 tourists come walking at you.

Romper Madness Cookies and Cream – Every bite of this yummy Oreo-inspired flavor will conjure up fun flashbacks to the days of wearing your Anthropologie glitter romper for 20 blocks, then having to pee but not being able to find a bathroom, and eventually finding a bathroom but getting performance anxiety and not being able to get it off.

No Air Conditioning in My Apartment Chocolate – A creamy, classic flavor to remind you that you're the only person in your friend group without an air conditioner in your apartment, but at least you can quit your dead-end job, illegally move into their apartments and not tell them!

Flip Flops on the Subway Butter Pecan – This old-fashioned crowdpleaser has both the sweetness and shock of your surprise that the bearded man next to you on the subway has bright green flip flops and potent feet, and you're stuck next to him for the rest of the subway ride.

Garbage Vanilla – Our #1 seller lets your taste buds wallow in the sweet flavor of vanilla tinged with just a hint of garbage, reminiscent of the potent and exciting smell of the New York City air on a steamy Monday morning. Feeling extra New York? Try “Super Garbage Vanilla,” a full-flavored junkyard with free toppings like recycled water bottle bits and discarded bra cups.

Beach Dreams Unfulfilled Tropical Cherry – A fruity favorite to remind you that you’re too funemployed to escape or go to Hawaii this summer, but there’s always ice cream!