Who said, “I can’t get over it”?

(Please circle all correct answers)

  1. A man whose wife just threw him a surprise birthday party
  2. George Washington before someone found him a boat
  3. Any mother or father the day their first child was born
  4. An equestrian jumper with a lame horse
  5. Evel Knievel
  6. A woman whose boyfriend just proposed to her on the football stadium’s Jumbotron
  7. A really bad hurdler
  8. Moses without a staff
  9. One of Hannibal’s elephants
  10. Matthew Webb, August 12, 1875
  11. Someone with a bad cold
  12. A student with a 3.99 GPA
  13. A tired soldier looking at hills, dales, and dusty trails
  14. Sisyphus
  15. Lewis and Clark, facing the Rocky Mountains in winter
  16. Judy Garland and the rainbow
  17. Edward Smith, Captain of the Titanic
  18. Christopher Columbus before being sponsored by Ferdinand and Isabella
  19. George Donner and the Sierras
  20. My wife when I vacuumed the house without being asked
  21. Icarus
  22. An acrophobic pole vaulter
  23. Jack-Be-Nimble with third-degree burns
  24. Peter Rabbit explaining why he went under Mr. McGregor’s garden gate
  25. A very old Clark Kent looking at a tall building
  26. The Little Engine That Couldn’t