A funny quote you heard once

Notes from your therapy session with Stacey, who thinks you have a compulsive need to be liked by everyone

Affirmations that Stacey recommended

Book titles from people who cornered you until you wrote down their suggestions

Grocery list

Journal entries dissecting a previous relationship

Vague thoughts from middle of night (“call Kelly tomorrow about that thing”)

Bad poetry

Twitter bio draft

All the people you’ve slept with, ranked

New Year's resolutions

Concerns to share with doctor

Numbers that must have meant something important at one time

Emergency plan for a post apocalyptic scenario, just in case

To-Do List

A horoscope you liked even though you normally don’t buy into that stuff

Target needs

Weekly workout plan FOR REAL THIS TIME

Packing list from your last vacation

Words you typed too fast without looking and now can’t decipher

High thoughts that are just facts (“upstairs is called upstairs because you have to go UP the STAIRS”)

Cinnamon roll recipe that looked amazing but you probably won’t make

Notes from a work meeting when you forgot your notebook

Incredibly deep monologue about how life isn’t really real

Tweets you didn’t think were good enough to post

Reminder to self to be more crafty

A list of things you saw online that you really want to buy but can’t pull the trigger on quite yet cause they’re pretty expensive

Saved job descriptions

Half-baked cover letter draft

Idea for a podcast

A few legible words strung together that mean nothing to you now that you look back at it

Confirmation number from a customer service call that you won’t delete, just in case you need it again one day

List of hobbies to try in the pandemic that you never did

Another grocery list

Really horrific dating app answers that you saved because you couldn’t believe someone would write that on the internet for strangers to see

Pseudonym ideas in case you ever want to publish a book that becomes much too popular and you need to hide your identity from stalker fans

Email password

Christmas gift ideas for your family

Your ex’s apartment door code even though it’s probably changed now

A really weird dream you furiously typed out when you woke up before you forgot it so you can analyze later

Pros and cons for that apartment you wanted to move into

A list of names you don’t recognize

More numbers

One that just says “neon”