1. Invents silly names for the adults in their life.
  2. Demands you play a song for them even though it's ridiculous o'clock in the morning.
  3. Forgets to say “please.”
  4. Clearly underestimates how difficult it is to play a song on an instrument with no melodic function.
  5. Tells you in no uncertain terms that they are “NOT sleepy.”
  6. Has a lot to recount about their day, which seems to make perfect sense to them but not always to everyone else.
  7. Orders you to play the same song. Again.
  8. Has no one else to meet at the crack of dawn, so makes mild threats to follow you around.
  9. Reiterates that they are “NOT sleepy,” while showing obvious signs of exhaustion.
  10. Informs you that they're ready to go anywhere, although apparently not to bed.
  11. Sing-mumbles stories about riding magic swirling ships and being chased by circus clowns.
  12. Passionately insists they are still “NOT sleepy” despite teetering on the edge of delirium.
  13. Refuses to acknowledge that playing a percussion instrument is not conducive to a gentle but well-structured morning routine.
  14. Requests that you play the same song for them. Yet again.
  15. Finally remembers to say “please.”

1-14: Bob Dylan singing “Mr. Tambourine Man”
1-14: Your toddler