1. You can go months or even years without hearing from him.
  2. When he does pop up again, he’s impossible to ignore.
  3. His favorite book is Dostoevsky’s Notes from Underground.
  4. You don’t really know what he does all day.
  5. He has a lot of defense mechanisms.
  6. He woos with music.
  7. He can be a bit of a mooch.
  8. There are millions of others, just like him.
  9. He’s the brooding type.
  10. He talks over you.
  11. Your friends want to know why his eyes are always red.
  12. He can't commit because “the timing isn’t right.”
  13. He’s ultimately a vulnerable being, just like you and me.

1-13: Fuckboy
1-13: Cicada