1. Go-to entrée at The Cheesecake Factory:

2. Day and time of your weekly therapy appointment:

3. A word you commonly misused until this year:

4. Names you’ve picked out for your non-existent children:

5. Favorite verse from Billy Joel’s “We Didn’t Start the Fire:”

6. Family-sized snack box you can eat in one sitting:

7. Percentage of non-European DNA on 23andMe:

8. Favorite public place to unbutton your pants:

9. A movie you watched to impress a cis white man:

10. Title of your most-watched video on Pornhub:

11. Number of times you’ve replayed “God is a woman” in the past 24 hours:

12. Favorite fitness class to pay for but never attend:

13. Number of people you’ve given your HBO Go password to:

14. Percentage of fluency you’ve achieved on an impractical Duolingo language:

15. Number of times you’ve brought up your semester abroad in conversation today:

16. Number of HPV strains you’ve had in the past three years:

17. Name of the person whose death you’d like to avenge:

18. Your feelings on the Trump administration:

19. Every detail of your most embarrassing childhood memory:

20. Favorite boxed wine to drink while watching Will & Grace re-runs alone:

21. Unhealthy coping mechanism you’ve adopted as a way of dealing with a painful breakup:

22. Favorite song to serenade your dog to and replace the lyrics with words about them:

23. A musical artist you secretly listen to even though he’s been convicted of sexual assault:

24. The last made-up reason you gave to a friend about why you were twenty minutes late to brunch:

25. The zodiac sun, moon, and rising signs of the guy who ghosted you last month:

26. Obscure form of communication you use to reach out to your ex after they’ve blocked you everywhere else:

27. An explanation of why you peed your pants in public while waiting in line at a vending machine last summer:

28. A description of the way your thighs look in the one angled mirror in the entryway of your friend’s apartment:

29. A hurtful comment your ex-boyfriend made while you both got frustrated assembling IKEA furniture together:

30. The author you tell everyone is your favorite even though you’ve only read one of his personal essays and the first chapter of his book:

31. Favorite generic security question to be asked: