1. 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Start in down dog while you’re on hold with CVS. Breathe deeply in and out as you ask when your medication will be back in stock. Transition to child’s pose after the pharmacist answers all your questions with “I’m sorry, I can’t tell you that information because it’s a controlled substance.” Repeat for 30 days.
  2. Dry January: Good luck with this one! That wine’s going to look real nice after your pharmacy vaguely says you’ll see your meds “sometime in the next few months.”
  3. Prioritize Your Relationships: Try building a deeper relationship with your pharmacist. Even learning their name will create a special bond that will, hopefully, be handy when you are begging them for more information about their restocking dates.
  4. Add More Variety to Your Diet: You’ve either forgotten to eat or had eight meals today. Both count.
  5. Daily Meditation Practice: Try choosing a meditation practice that has you repeatedly chanting the affirmations, “I didn’t do it on purpose, I have ADHD”; “It’s not an excuse, it’s an actual neurobehavioral disorder”; “No, meds will not ‘fix my ADHD,’ but it will make my life more manageable and would be nice to have!”
  6. Drink More Water: Coffee counts.
  7. Develop a New Hobby: Try taking a pleasant, daily walk to all the pharmacies within a 20-mile radius to see if they’re finally restocked. Healthy and productive!
  8. Read More Books: Re-reading the same paragraph of NPR’s “The FDA has officially declared a shortage of Adderall” 14 times also counts.
  9. Set a Regular Bedtime: Going to bed at the same time every night will give you the rest you need to call your doctor’s office right when they open so you can tell them to send new scripts to another pharmacy that might have enough pills to fill your prescription. Fingers crossed!
  10. Be More Organized: Purchase a couple of planners so you can write down daily reminders to call your pharmacy again to see if they were able to fill your prescription.
  11. Reduce Screen Time: Instead of using both your phone and laptop to refresh your CVS prescription tracker, commit to leaving your phone in another room to cut down your screen time and instead use just your laptop screen to constantly refresh the tracker!
  12. Prioritize Your Mental Health: Maybe try a smash room, or openly weeping on the couch with ice cream? Either are valid at this point.
  13. Get Distracted Because You Don’t Have Your Meds