Hey guys! I’m an affirmation-dependent business and I'm giving away the chance to enter a drawing for a trip for one to one of the most romantic destinations in the world: Calgary!

Just follow these 14 steps to enter:

1. Like this post.

2. Follow me on Instagram.

3. Tag at least 8 friends and at least two random Instagram handles.

4. Like all of my previous 987 posts.

5. Follow everyone that I follow on Instagram.

6. Repost every one of their most recent posts on your page.

7. Venmo me $30 @ilovegiveaways.

8. Venmo my buddy $20 @stuwholivesbehindpapajohns.

9. Purchase a ticket to my daughter EllaBella’s ballet recital next Saturday (link in bio!).

10. Bring a dog (preferably a puppy) to the recital because I promised EllaBella there would be lots of puppies there to support her.

11. If you can’t bring a puppy to EllaBella’s recital, don’t bother with steps 1-10.

12. If you’ve gotten this far on the list and haven’t liked my post yet, Venmo me an additional $10.

13. Print, sign, and scan the contract you will receive in your DMs stating that you will enter no other giveaways for at least one year from date of contract.

14. Don’t forget to like this post!