Was rejected by 11 publishers before being released.

Held the top spot on The New York Times best seller list for 104,780 weeks before getting knocked off by Fifty Shades of Gray.

The third favorite book for President Trump to hold in his hand while not speaking in front of any church. Fifty Shades of Gray is first. Art of the Deal is second.

Number two on the list of “Books we pretend to have read, but never read.” Your friend's “work in progress” is number one.

The most expensive Bible ever sold was signed by Jesus and sold at Sotheby's in 1994. Prior to that, a misprint edition, which included an upside down airplane on page 28, sold for $24 from the Lenape Indians to Peter Minuit.

Knowing merchandising would be huge, Jesus demanded 50% of all bumper sticker sales. Also rumored to be the brainchild behind the “Jesus Fish.”

The Ten Commandments were originally supposed to be part of the Bible, but editors deemed the numbering system too confusing. Moses refused to allow them to be released as an appendix, so he ran up a mountain and self-published them on stone.

Primary authorship has long been disputed among scholars, but as long as Jesus is always depicted as white, no one seems to be too upset about anything.

Inspired the following movies: Passion of the Christ, The Three Amigos, Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Mel Gibson’s entire catalog.

A sequel was rumored back in the 1960’s, but then weed became really popular, so most people stopped caring.

Was the product of a bet between The Father, The Son, and The Holy Ghost. The Father said The Son wasn’t doing anything with His life, so The Son bet Him (The Father), that one day He (The Son) would be more famous than Him (The Father). So He (The Son) set out to write a book. The Holy Ghost claims to have actually written most of it, receiving only scale as payment, and cites the term “ghost written” as evidence. Both The Father and Son dispute this.

President Trump is actively pursuing legislation to get his name added as one of the Twelve Disciples.