Shots Jokes

Top 10 funny things about shots:

  1. They're addicting because no matter how much you've already had to drink, one is just not enough: My Organs and I Wake Up
  2. If it isn't your birthday, they'll put you in a gigantic financial hole only your parents can save you from: Holiday Hangover
  3. At a house party or a bar, there's always a way to get some for free: Real Job vs. Bar Job
  4. They make slurping alcohol off someone's hairy and sweaty body sexy: Common College Complaints
  5. You don't buy shots based on what they taste like, you buy them based on how fancy their name is: The College Life Cycle
  6. They can be extremely girly at times, especially when combined with Jell-O: Junior Year: More College Perspectives
  7. Forget soccer and charity rock concerts, they bring people together!: Frat Party: The Text Adventure
  8. The reason why they go down so smooth is because the glasses are oddly similar to the small plastic cups you used to take medicine as a kid: A Taste of My Own Medicine
  9. Girls think they're awesome because they taste great and they can get drunk off them extremely easy: Kim's 21st in the Big City
  10. You remember the first three, but not the last 10: College Classroom Etiquette

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