Police Officers Jokes

Top 10 funny things about police officers:

  1. They don't use handcuffs in the same way as your kinky ex-girlfriend: The Beginner's Guide to Jail
  2. Telling them it's not your pot they smell, it's just that “ode du pot” aroma: Police Encounter Quotes
  3. They can recite the law inside out but don't understand the basics of finger pointing: Police Pointer
  4. Having to deal with them whilst drunk and slurring your words: I Law the Fought and the Won Law
  5. “What does his ID say?” …”McLovin”… “That's a cool name”: Fake IDs: Close Encounters with the Law
  6. “The flying pig” is not codeword for “cops in choppers”: The Flying Pig
  7. Getting tazered, grabbed by the balls and asked to spread your legs: “911: Some Crew-Cutted, Beefed-up, Ex-marine Just Fired a Tazer Gun at Me!
  8. Inappropriate 911 emergency phone calls: Help, I've Broken the Glass Ceiling!
  9. Basically,, all young officers become porno actors: Rape Prevention Questions for Police
  10. “Note to self: Smells like coffee in here…. Check to see if the victim went to Starbucks”: Worst Crime Scene Investigator Ever
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