Parents Jokes

Top 10 funny things about parents:

  1. They're so incompatible with computers that some of them don't even know how to turn one on: Parental Computing Aggravation – Helping Parents with the Computer
  2. Even if they know we spent $200 on alcohol during Spring Break, they're still stupid enough to give us money “for textbooks” a week later: The Lies We Tell
  3. They'll kick you out and make you go to college but then say they miss you and make amazing home-cooked meals when you're home for the Christmas holidays: Parental Interference and Intervention
  4. If you make nice with them before you head off to college, they'll tell you (through old stories) how to make cheap ass food and get crazy drunk off barely any alcohol: Flying the Coop
  5. Television does do a good job at depicting what's real, but the parents on sitcoms are way cooler than yours: Boy Meets World: A Sitcom Retrospective
  6. Sometimes they won't if you're still living at home, but they'll pretty much drive you everywhere your heart desires: Let Me Be Your Special Needs Boyfriend
  7. They wouldn't give you an allowance when you were going to high school but they'll send you $20 in the mail for taxi cab fare for your birthday: Happy Freaking Birthday
  8. The way they get pissed off when they find out you have about 63 cents in your bank account: Things I REALLY Learned In College
  9. They're your personal maids: they'll tell you how to make your dorm room look awesome so you can pick up and they'll give you tips on how to make the carpet shine after a night full of puking: Making Moves with Freshmen
  10. Your friends' parents are 100 times more nicer than yours: A Vacation From My Staycation
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