Movies Jokes

Top 10 funny things about movies:

  1. They can make you cry over things that happen to robots and other make believe characters: That New Movie Wall-E is So Fake
  2. We tend to get more excited during the preview than the actual movie: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You…
  3. Everyone wishes they had their own body double because it would make life a lot more enjoyable: Ex-Girlfriend Body Doubles in Movies
  4. Unless you're the main actor, you really don't get noticed: And the Oscar Goes To…
  5. Everyone tries to be a critic, especially during the previews: The Ten Worst Movies of All Time
  6. They make hooking-up a lot easier: Movies to Hookup By
  7. No matter how much they might suck, they're always a good time with friends: Let's Go to the Movies
  8. We'll complain that remakes and sequels suck but we'll still go out and watch them: Why Movie Remakes and Sequels Suck
  9. No one really knows the last time they saw an awesome Christmas movie: Xmas Movies De-Christianized
  10. They made a rugged normal guy like Chuck Norris famous: Anti-Chuck Norris Facts: Movies
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