Love Jokes

Top 10 funny things about love:

  1. Intimate relationships do exist between individuals and their baby-making parts: Loving the Penis That Loves You Back
  2. Even though it's a sad thing to say, it doesn't really exist in college: College-Bound: Great Sexpectations
  3. It exists everywhere, even in strip clubs: Ah, The Strip Clubs: Part 5
  4. Along with their significant other, people also seriously adore celebrities, such as Bob Costas: I Love You, Bob Costas
  5. Due to our experiences with alcohol and drugs, even fridges feel loved sometimes: You Know You're in College When…
  6. Even though it's in the air, it's not free: Love is in the Air
  7. With Shakespeare's help, thousands of men have gotten laid: Shakespeare in Love, Part II
  8. There are a million cute, disgusting, and horrifyingly weird ways to say you love someone: Pronouns Your Love for Grammar
  9. Love letters never help you get laid: An Open Love Letter to the Bronx
  10. Even if they're married, men cherish sports before anything and anyone else: Why Men Love Sports
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