Facebook Jokes

Top 10 funny things about Facebook:

  1. It was invented in 1909 by Arnold Face, but the trend didn't pick up until almost a century later: Face to Facebook
  2. You can track someone's life without ever having to put up with them: Facebook Pictures: The Height of Voyeurism
  3. It's the most heterosexual of all the social networking sites: MySpace: Facebook's Gay Cousin
  4. Friend one random person and next thing you know you've reconnected with your best friend from kindergarten: Six Degrees of Facebook
  5. Getting a virtual piece of pizza thrown at you by a random person: Facebook Apps: Install at Your Own Risk
  6. Tricking 15 girls into joining a prostitution ring: The Facebook Group Prank
  7. A new friend request from a crush calls for a complete profile update: Murphy's Laws of Facebook
  8. At some point, you'll have to explain that you met your significant other there: Yeah, We Met Online
  9. They left out a key relationship status: “In a Long Distance Disaster”: The Real Facebook Relationship Status List
  10. You can mess with people for no reason other than being Republican: Fucking Katherine Harris' Facebook Profile UPPPP, YO

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