Exams Jokes

Top 10 funny things about exams:

  1. It's not because you're mean, you just never seem to borrow study notes from someone you're close friends with: Exams, Part I: Before
  2. Some of us turn into mindless zombies that have the need to tell everyone their exam schedule: How to Deal with College Finals and Papers
  3. After the final exam, the only thing a student has on their agenda is “BOOZE….AND LOTS OF IT”: Eye-Twitch Thoughts
  4. To help relieve stress beforehand, some have taken to methods involving masturbation: Outsmarting the Scranton
  5. No one studies four days before; they study four hours before: The Book on Procrastination
  6. High school teachers will try their best to help you pass, while college professors just don't give a shit: Generic All-Purpose College Study Guide
  7. It may be because of the hot instructor or for no specific reason, but every guy has gotten a boner during one: Erections vs. Periods
  8. Once it's over, you have to tell someone how great you did: Exams, Part III: After
  9. Multiple choice questions usually lead to “inny, minny, miney, moe”: Exams, Part II: During
  10. If you're the first to finish, you don't know whether or not to fist-pump the crap out of the air or curl up in a ball and wish you had studied more: Bombed Tests, Fake Semi-Friends and Campus Hotties
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