Books Jokes

Top 10 funny things about books:

  1. People value Dr. Seuss books more than the Bible: The Bible: Just a Book
  2. Reading your textbook is the first step to taking a nap in class: College Students are the Smartest People on Earth
  3. Even though their life revolves around them, librarians never know where to find the book you're looking for: How to Deal with College Finals And Papers
  4. Most English majors or journalists have never actually read a book in their lives: Why I'm an English Major
  5. Aside from old people, no one reads books just for fun anymore: Non-Reader's Guide to Reading for Pleasure
  6. Parents don't believe us, but college students actually spend more money on books than booze: The Art and Science of Bullshit
  7. The main purpose of comic books is to make nerds look somewhat cool: Flirting with Nerdism
  8. People think it's awesome to have sex in a library full of them: 11 Things You Must Do Before You Finish College
  9. There are actually books out there that are based on drinking games: Ask Mister Drinker Man!
  10. No one checks out less than five of them at a time at the library: Generic All-Purpose College Study Guide