Leonard Nimoy died and you'll have to live with that you heartless bastard. He was 83, which is a pretty good age to die. He died of COPD, but nothing fell on him so it's easy to say he had a good long life and he died peacefully in his sleep. I mean, it's easy to say that anyway but I'm pretty sure it's true. Some people like to say stuff that's true but those people don't work on television so no one listens to them anyway.

It's funny to think just how full of shit everyone is. Doesn't matter if it's Brian Williams or Bill O'Reilly or Itchy and fucking Scratchy, if you're on television I just assume you're lying or acting or doing something unsavory behind the scenes (I like to imagine Megyn Kelly masturbating with a warm kielbasa as she spews her version of bullshit).

And that's okay. It's television. It's supposed to entertain us with characters. Just because we want those characters to be real doesn't make them so. Hell the fact that the folks playing those characters want those characters to be real doesn't make them so. It's the same thing with internet and print media as well. Everyone lies to sell copies and clicks and the readers lie to themselves so they can believe the copy, that way we can twist narratives to our version of the world and believe that we actually fucking know something.

Leonard Nimoy reportedly struggled with the fact that he was basically associated with one role his whole life. The man allegedly had an identity crisis whereby he thought of himself both as himself and as a half-alien, half-human from a television show turned movie turned cinematic empire. I'm yet to hear of the drug that could mess a mind up like that but if you have any recommendations…

Bill O'Reilly and Brian Williams like to pretend that they were war correspondents who witnessed firsthand people getting shot. They like to pretend that they were there when the bullets were flying and the battle was raging (which is ironic because most soldiers will tell you that when the bullets fly and the battle rages they'd rather be sitting on a beach relaxing with a beer). Did I believe them when they first told their tales? Sure, why not? Do I care that they lied? Sure, why not? Does any of that bring Leonard Nimoy back from the dead? Sure, why not?

(You can't bring anyone back from the dead yet in case you were wondering.)

And I think that's part of the reason that I'm such a sane and reasonable individual while you're a heartless bastard who enjoys the death of Leonard Nimoy: I believe everything anyone tells me because I don't care enough about what anyone says to let what they say influence my opinion of anything. I know people. And in the course of knowing them I have learned that those who make millions of dollars talking on my TV are not doing so because they tell the truth.

Leonard Nimoy wasn't really Spock, except on my television where he was pretty much always Spock. Brian Williams and Bill O'Reilly didn't really come within a thousand feet of a round fired in battle, except on my television when they said they did. There is no journalistic integrity and there never was. There's only the dogged pursuit of money, power, fame, and orgasm.

And I'm pretty sure Spock knew that. After all, it's fucking logical.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that people suck and Leonard Nimoy's dead.

Have a nice day.