Atlanta named "Best City for Singles"

Nothing makes you feel cooler than learning you live in the city where people are probably having the most casual sex (read: free sex) in the country, and having your homepage announce it to all your out of town friends

And by "you" I mean "me."

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to take my girlfriend out on the town to drag down this finding. 

UPDATE: Speaking of sex, Yahoo just bumped the Atlanta story and updated their front page to include this ridiculous headline:

Paris Hilton email scam

EVEN Paris Hilton??! As in, "Even the world's hottest blonde tech genius has fallen prey to this hacker's scheme to steal passwords"?? Do they also call "videotaping yourself drugged up fucking your loser boyfriend and then leaving it around for the rest of the world to find" a scam? Does the Paris ass-kissing ever end?

Also, find out the answer to Yahoo's featured news question above "What people want to know about Sarah Palin" on PIC in the next hour…

p.s. Aren't endless segues fun?