From time to time, i've found the life of a vagrant somewhat engaging. During recent times, I've engaged in the politics of East Texas, writings of assorted humor musings and journal reflections, academics of the local university, and even my fair share of bank heists/purse snatchings. Faux-robberies aside, i've been a bit busy lately. Fear not, dear reader. I'm aware that you have been busy as well. With the holiday season fast approaching, i have been considering how best to aid you as you prepare for the most (or least) wonderful time of the year. The following series of entries are my way of saying “Hooked on phonics worked for me…it can work for you too…and Happy Holidays.”

Like a fifth-year senior on a drunken freshman coed, this season is poised to take the advantage, take seconds to disappoint us, and take several therapy sessions to get over. Just remember: this season is really about the giving. So, in that spirit, I give you the gift that keeps on giving (not quite STDs, but your commitment to the college humor essentials touches me). No, this season I extend the gift of introspection. I know this may sound trite and mildly preachy, but bear with with my request. Take this time to look at yourself and laugh. Yes, just like everyone else does when they see me. Har. Har. You're a riot, reader.

Before things go crazy and the “holiday rush,” which includes everything from shopping for gifts to shopping for emotionally unstable singles on the rebound, it's always nice to take a break, calm down, and laugh a little – maybe even hysterically if that sails your ship. Seriously, look back to the stupid things you've done over the past months, weeks, days, and minutes. Laugh a little. Chuckle. Forget your serious face, your game face, and the improbable plot of the movie Face-Off. People wait their entire lives before reflecting on those “mistakes,” “awkward moments,” and “silly prostitution solicitation” experiences. Laugh at them now. When you're done, share them with those fortunate enough have already laughed about them. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Most of all, enjoy this holiday season.