Everybody has been writing these “mind of” pieces since Justin Rebello did it a few years ago. Some kid even plagiarized his article in his school newspaper. And, since I'm a lazy asshole, I'm going to give you one too, with a spin, of course.

Damnit, I'm at work now.

Turn on laptop!

Yes! Welcome to Windows. I'm almost there!

I'm not going spend the entire day surfing the internet at work. Again.

Fuck, it's been 3 minutes and I'm so bored. I wonder what's going on at www.pointsincase.com.

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Who the fuck is KC Freeman? Let's read his BIO.


Dude, my BIO is way cooler, I claim to sleep with women in it.

Fuckin A, this dude is funny! Am I funny?

Hell Yea I am!

Should I leave a comment? I'll wait until I come up with something clever.

Ok, front page again. Nate has a new blog entry.


Fuck man, he drinks a lot. Way more than me. I hope Nate doesn't ever need a liver transplant.

I should write a new blog entry, but I don't have anything funny to say right now.

I know, I'll just do what everybody else did, and write a “mind of” piece and hope nobody flames me in the comment section.

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