What the fuck is her problem, anyway?

I can't believe she said that to me.

Oh yea?  Well I don't care if YOU like her!

Well, if you want to sleep with her, then you should make your move. 

Oh yea, that's right, you did sleep with her that one time.

Dude, don't be ridiculous, I'm not interested in her like that.

Yes, it's fine.

Well, I don't care if she has more seniority than me.

Yea, I know she showed me the ropes when I first got here.

Well, she's been riding my ass for like, 10 years now.

I swear to God if she says one more thing to me, I'm…

Oh hey mom, how's it going?

Shit, dad.  Do you think she heard all that stuff I said about her?