Is anybody else following the Brett Favre EXTRAVAGANZA!!1 as closely as most 14 year old girls follow General Hospital? 

Oh, well fuck off then, don't judge me!  Seriously, I love Brett Favre.  This is the most amazing thing I've seen in sports in a long time.  I'm a huge football fan.  Whether it's professional or college, I love it all.  The fact that Brett is turning the off season into a media circus in Wisconson is making me laugh like I was in third grade and somebody farted in the middle of class.  Or like when I'm hanging out with my friends, and one of them farts.  Some things never change, I guess.

If you haven't been paying attention, the Packers don't want Brett Favre on the team.  But, commissioner Roger Goodel has reinstated Favre, thus making him part of the Green Bay Packers whether they like it or not.  

So what if, in some freak blizzard or lightning strike during Packer's training camp that the entire Packer's roster, excluding Brett Favre is killed, and he becomes the ONLY one on the team?

Yea, how about THAT for irony?  I know, I just blew your fuckin mind.