I spilled my insides all over the floor of your house and you cleaned them up without so much as a shout, and I couldn't understand your beautiful master plan until the day after I took your hand in mine and said you'll be mine for all time and then I knew, it was all to clear, that your world only exists here on this everyday plane, where all's okay if it looks okay and status is having nothing to blame on anyone or anything when really baby, I want you to sing and be free and take your mind far away from here and me and how we pay the bills or live our life, for a rich life lived in strife is still lived in strife and I cannot be married to a strife ridden wife, so fine if that's how you gotta be, you can have the big house and the damn TV and you can keep living on in your boring comfort zone, happy and healthy in a place you call home, but I gotta move on and chase each new dawn and see if there's something deep and beyond this life we live in shuddering grace and maybe even kiss the face of freedom as I ride on through His Kingdom hoping just to find all that was left behind in the collective spirit of all that can be and is?so go ahead, keep the damn kids.