I knew this girl once. She used to write blogs on a college humor website. She liked doing it a lot, but then she got really, really lazy. She stopped writing. She quit shaving her legs. And then she got eaten by a shark.

I don't want to get eaten by a shark. It seems like it would be an epic way to die, but I'm convinced sharks don't really want to eat you, they just want to bite off your legs and then go poke around for some other fresh blood. So all things considered, I guess I'm gonna write some more blogs.

I'd like to let you know about some of the wild things I've been up to over the last few months during my PIC hiatus. Back in the fall, I considered becoming a tranny hooker and table dancing for cash, but instead I took the clear alternative and took up an interning position with Family Circle Magazine in the home style department. This was a big leap for me, as you must realize by now that my writing forte usually spans somewhere within the realm of thongs and poop. Instead, I had the best time ever writing about table top accessories, wallpaper, and floral arrangements. And I mean that so sincerely: as opposite from my personality as it initially was, I had the most fabulous time interning with FC and couldn't be more thankful for how well I was treated there (thanks Judy and Laura, you gals are the greatest!).

Then I turned 21 and spent the winter months mostly blacked out, so obviously I wasn't fit to operate a keyboard, never mind invent topics on which to extol my wisdom.

Since mid January, I've been studying abroad in London and interning with the UK's Raindance Film Festival. Again, as if Family Circle wasn't a lucky enough break for me, the folks over at Raindance have given me some of the best months of my life and are training me well in the screenwriting realm. I'll hopefully be talking more about that soon.

Since in Europe, I've enjoyed many of life's finer pleasures, including lager, fine art, cider, Euro-trash clubs, very blunt British humor, Amsterdam, and almost being hit by a car every time I cross the street. You'll be hearing more about all these things, too, especially on request of particular topics if you'd like me to indulge further.

Anyway, none of this is really an excuse for being a lethargic piece of crap, but I will do my best to unload some mildly funny, literary tidbits every once in a while. I miss y'all in the PIC universe, especially Court, who is the best editor with a unisex name the internetz has to offer.