Here's the deal, it has to do with baseball, so Nate will probably enjoy this. Some 12 year old kid in New Jersey was pitching in a PAL game and took a line drive to the chest. His heart stopped for a period of time and he suffered brain damage. Is this tragic? Of course. What is even more tragic though, is that his parents are suing the manufacturer of the bat, the store that sold the bat, and Little League Baseball for endorsing the bat.

Why should we stop there? We shouldn't. Below is a list of people that should be included.

1. The little shit who hit the ball.

Why is this kid walking away without being blamed? He swung the bat that crippled the kid. They should take all his shit and give it to the kid who has brain damage. Give him the kids Xbox 360, his bike, his computer, and his allowance for the next 30 years.

2. The parents, grandparents, and great grandparents (if they're still alive) of the the little shit who hit the ball.

Lets be honest, without these people, the kid who hit the ball wouldn't exist. Take their car, their homes, and their pension funds.

3. Big Oil.

Well, they might not be responsible for this, but neither is anybody else being sued, so why not? Oil companies suck and are draining my cash flow, so fuck them. If Little League Baseball is being sued, so should these guys.

This is what America has come to? This is the most frivolous lawsuit I've ever seen. One commenter on this article mentioned they should sue the kid with brain damage for throwing the ball that hit him. We might as well! This wasn't even a Little League game, it was a Police Athletic League game, but they're still being sued. If you can't sue companies that make guns or the stores that sell them when somebody gets shot, you can't sue the bat manufacturer or the company that sold the bat. Suing Little League Baseball is like suing the NRA every time somebody gets shot.

Somebody ought to use that bat on this kids parents for being fucking dipshits. I'm beginning to think Nelson was right when he said Canada is better than America. I'm even starting to believe all the people from England who commented on my article about America being better than England. If this kids parents win this lawsuit, I'm moving out of this country.

Here is the article.

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