Did you know that Freedom of Speech as it was originally written in the constitution lasted only two years before libel laws were passed? Two years is not a long time. The reason for this is because the constitution kicks ass. In my humble, uneducated, half-drunk opinion, the constitution kicks ass because it was made with one idea in mind: preventing another revolution.

The constitution was an idyllic sales pitch meant to make everyone who could possibly afford to defend their lands happy (as landowners were the most affluent possible threat of the period). That was the idea behind the constitution: trick the people into staying together so they won't have any reason to seek the help of outside forces like the founding father's did.

And that's what makes the constitution so great.

The idea of a free republic still stands today as one of the most underused awesome concepts of its time. That is because a free republic puts limitations on power. What are the limits of power imposed on our current federal government leaders?

Don't worry, I have a hard time finding them too.

Now, I haven't read the whole constitution (it's long and it's in that really old school, annoyingly complicated voice) but I tried to read it once. So that should count for something. Right?

I really need to start doing research.

And I don't know a lot about politics and what not, but it seems to me that any candidate for this great country should dedicate themselves to preserving that constitution and therefore, our freedom.

After all, the constitution represents a dream that no power hungry leader wants. So it seems to me, that the man who dedicates himself to preserve the constitution is not power hungry, and therefore probably fit to lead.

Especially if he's totally core.

Oh, and before you start slamming me for being a total idiot with an uninformed man-crush on freedom, please feel free to read something intelligent and worthwhile about His Coreness.


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