It bothers me when things are labeled “100% all natural” like it's anything special.

I recognize that I am not a scientist, I don't even watch the SciFi network. I really can't claim to know anything about anything when it comes to the sceintific.

However, I am a smart guy with a knack for thinking outside the box. Whatever that means. I don't know where this box is, who's boix it might be, what color this box is or if there's a cat inside it.

What I am pretty sure of is that something cannot be created from nothing. What comes form nothing? Nothing. What can be made from nothing? Nothing? We have not figured out how to make soemthing from nothing because it is impossible. Everything has to come from something.

Since nothing can be created, then everything that is and can be made must come from something already existing. It must iexit in nature, naturally.

Therefore everything has to be “100% natural.” If thinsg are synthesized in a lab, they still have to come from something. Right?

Remember, I'm always right.

So if you still enjoying paying premium dollar for the “100% natural” shit, that's your call. May I point out that there are no additives when it comes to my penis.
Chew on that…metaphorically.

By the way, WEDDING CRASHERS rocks.