The best thing in the world happened to me on Friday.

No, not a foursome with the Dahm Triplets. Although that would be awesome as well.

I was let go from my job. I know that usually people think that's a bad thing, but it's not.

It is actually the best thing that could happen at this point in my life, I just haven't figured out what it means yet.

I found out around 2 PM CST on Friday, My boss told me to finish out the day and then take a couple weeks to find a new job, which is very cool of him. I was too uncomfortable to sit around in the supercube anymore, so I just bounced. By the time I was back at my apartment, I had my plan:

  • Drive back to East Lansing (7.5 hours)
  • Get really drunk for 3 days straight
  • Think
  • Get sober for three days (optional)
  • Think
  • Drive back to St. Louis
  • Put plan into action

I have no idea what that plan is. If you'll notice, I didn't even really schedule time to formulate said plan, just thinking time. I may be thinking about ponies.

It's good to be back home. I surprised some people, some people had figured it out. I needed to clear my head and get back to what I think of as home which is here in EL. I sure as hell wasn't going to get anything done in my closet of a room in STL. I don't even live in the part of town where i could only afford a closet, but thats another story all together. I didn't think it was possible but I'm rambling even more than I usually do.

The Beech is out of a job. And he couldn't be happier.

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