Well, since no one is wondering where I've been online in the past couple of weeks, I'll tell you: I've been working on a sci-fi feature film that's been shooting in St. Louis. (Also note: there is neither sex nor aliens in this post.)

My position is Location Manager, which means that I'm responsible for opening and closing the set, making sure all practical elements such as maps, directions, truck and crew parking, catering and star wagons. I'm also responsible for getting contracts signed, streets closed and schmoozing with the owners of the property while we ruin their lives.

Six years of college and I'm making minimum wage to pick up trash and get less that 5 hours of sleep a night.

The best part is that I'm loving it. The first week was a boot camp of sorts to me. I've had a desk job for the last 5 years and I wasn't sure I could even handle being on my feet for 12+ hours a day. The first week I was so tired that I went gently into that good night as soon as I got within 3 inches of my pillow. I had blisters on my blisters and the soles of my feet hurt so bad I contemplated taking up fire walking just to ease the pain. I know, I'm a pussy.

I've probably lost 10 pounds of that beer gut I spent 6 years on in college working on and I've got a killer farmer's tan. I'm smoking almost 2 packs a day and still couldn't be happier; I'm a part of making movie magic.

Anyway, I've got a day off and a life to take care of and an apartment to clean.

See you at the wrap party. I'll be the one cleaning up and then falling asleep in the corner.