I have decided to rectify a mistake a made long ago, when I identified the Jews as My "Chosen People." I had high hopes for Abraham and Isaac, but with the exception of Sandy Koufax and Mark Spitz there have been few Jews to justify My distinction.

1991 Chicago Bulls NBA teamThat is why I have chosen to the 1991 Chicago Bulls team to represent My Will and Authority. Horace Grant, Scotty Pippen, John Paxson and the young Michael Jordan will do a better job of striking fear into the hearts of their opponents. People will not be able to deny that this lineup is guided by the Hand of the Divine.

Paxson made Me a Proud Father with his .528 FG percentage. And BJ Armstrong, shooting .402 from behind the arc, left me in doubt that I bestowed My blessing properly. 

I had all the best intentions when I communicated to Abraham that his descendants would have My blessing and be as numerous as the stars. I was touched that he was willing to sacrifice his son for Me. But think about the statement you make when you go 67-15 in the regular season, and cruise to an authoritative victory in the finals.

How about Jordan's performance in Game 1? 35 points in the first quarter, with six three's.


What about those 46 points he scored in that crucial Game 5? What was Ahmad Rashad thinking, hyping Clyde "the Glide" Drexler? I was sitting courtside. Didn't he know that I had made My choice?