the ‘gyptians were a ancient race of African peoples which lived in africa in prehistoric Timex.  the world was a way different place then, with dragonflies the size of Eagles from Philadelphia, & other bugs way bigger than they R now.  also, there were many prehistoric dinosaurs roving around  the early earth, just chilling.  the EARTH which was bubbling with its sulphur springs of Fiji Water & Evian.  plants groo in abundance: even more abundantly than now.  the air was composed of different minerals.  2 a person now, the world back then would have seemed very strange 2 visit, or 2 have to spend five weeks "surviving" in in a new reality show.

but there were people living in it, making their living in caves and section 8 housing.  they had to work hard every day 2 kill food to eat, or 2 just eat some grubs and beenz,  but they enjoyed their simple lives, thankful that they didn't have to worry bout cell phones & cancer.    

they prayed to mythical gods of stone and wood which they thought controlled the whether & many other things, like rain and earthquakes, which they couldn't explain, not without darwin, but who was rong. 

but they were happy 😉 , & also they made cave paintings and had babies after marriage which 2 express there happiness & luv 4 GOD.  but then after a while the dinosaurs and some lizards died & it was time for Man 2 start doing what God wanted him to do in the Bible.  People had always been sinners & they didn't no it, but after the garden of eden botanicals, then they new about rite & rong.  

so, something had 2 happen so that man would be redeemed by his Creator, the Master of the Universal Studios.  so, a man was sent down 2 earth frum North Pole  2 B brutally tortured & mistreated by his captors so that when he died it wood B a sacrifice 4 everybody.  then, God of the land of lakes could forgive his people & love them again.  which was what HE always wanted, but HE had 2 do some things to do it.

there are many people who still do not Believe.  The R rong, but we have 2 B patients in R ministry.