As you may be aware, the Sheboygan Sonics have made some cutbacks to this season’s promotional schedule. Despite budget issues, we still have some incredible giveaways to welcome Sonic Nation back to Unsponsored Field!

Pedro Garcia Men in Black 3–Inspired Bobblehead

Celebrate the illustrious career of Sonic’s legend Pedro Garcia! During his three-month stint in Sheboygan, Pedro had a career-best season with one home run and a .187 average. To mark this incredible achievement, we have 3,000 limited-edition Men in Black 3 inspired bobbleheads left over from 2012 to give away! So if you couldn’t be bothered to take one home first time around, here’s your chance again!

Pride Hand Fan and Crayons

We know how inclusive Sonic Nation is, so why not get on down to Unsponsored Field and show some love for our LGBTQ+ community! The first 5,000 fans will receive a beautiful plain-white hand fan. What makes it Pride-inspired, you ask? The set of crayons in the foyer, of course. All the colors of the rainbow! Unless you want to pay the extortionate ink prices? We didn’t think so.

Firework Night

Nope. Not a typo. Firework, singular.

Bring Your Lawnmower Day

Everyone here at the Sheboygan Sonics was deeply saddened to hear about the drug-related arrest of our beloved groundskeeper Marco this off-season. We were even more saddened to hear accusations the club planted cocaine so that we didn’t have to pay Marco a severance. Luckily, Sonic Nation has thousands of loyal supporters with top-of-the-range lawnmowers. Just like the Henderson’s on 135 Stanley Street…

Unsponsored Field Replica

Unsponsored Field has been our home for the last 79 years, becoming an icon of our community. This season we’re thrilled to be able to offer every single Sonics' fan (as long as that number is precisely 8,760) a whole hour with a beautiful bronze replica of our stadium. The logistics for this giveaway could be an issue. I’m assuming we’ll need some sort of carpool to get this thing around to everybody. And if you live more than an hour away from the replica I’m afraid that’s just tough luck.

Sonics Balaclava

Free to the first three supporters with the fastest car, most powerful drill, and best contortion skills.

Citibank. 3:30 AM. Wear black.

Hand Stuff for $5 Day

Technically this giveaway is kind of illegal, so we need to be very careful with our terminology here. A select group of Sonic Nation will be offered a very special meet and greet with our star third baseman. Due to—let’s say “carpal tunnel anxiety”—this promotion will be limited to the first 200 fans. T&Cs apply. Mainly, no eye contact.

Tie-Dye Sonics Blindfold

Take a moment to soak in the game-day atmosphere by succumbing to all of your other senses. And if you feel like someone is attempting to pry your wallet from the inside of your jacket pocket, you’re probably just imagining it.

Pitch for Nine Innings

Ever wondered what it’d be like to pitch for the Sheboygan Sonics? Well, we’re giving one lucky child the opportunity of a lifetime to do just that! This isn’t a ploy to avoid making the playoffs. We can definitely afford to keep the lights on for October baseball. But just imagine making it there after a 5-year-old member of Sonic Nation throws the perfect game! Again, this has nothing to do with our starting pitcher’s contract expiring in September. We just believe in fairy tales. Sue us.

So mark your calendars, grab that snapback, and make some noise for your beloved Sonics. This season will be one to remember!