Are you tired of driving on gender-neutral, pacifist tires? Do you wish you could slap a set of more ultimate, more fighting-oriented tires onto your ride? You know, tires that say, “I’m an avid watcher of the Ultimate Fighting Championship!” If so, congratulations, your ultimate prayers have just been ultimately answered.

Introducing Toyo Tires, the official tire of the UFC.

When Tony “The Boogeyman” Ferguson flips tires at the gym, you think he’s flipping Firestones? No way, Jose! The ultimate fighter only flips the ultimate tires. Toyo Tires. Treads that’ll last 'til the championship rounds.

When Justin “The Highlight” Gaethje goes on a Target run, he’s not rolling over there on some bitchass Goodyears. Instead, the champ counts on the ultimate-smooth ride of Toyo Tires, the only tire to receive MMA Magazine’s “Most Ultimate Tire” one year in a row. Toyo Tires: Outspinning spinning back kicks since 1945.

And when Conor “Notorious” McGregor parks his car, you think he’s leaving it on some dumbass Dunlops? No chance in hell, sweetheart. The ultimate Irishman's vehicle rests exclusively on our ultimate lineup of tires, especially when he’s parked on an incline. Toyo Tires: For grip better than a rear-naked chokehold.

By the way, did we mention we’re the official tire of the UFC?

Lots of tire brands might claim to be their official tire, which makes total sense because why WOULDN’T a tire company want to be affiliated with a mixed martial arts tournament? But they’re all phonies who don’t have an official contract with the UFC. We do. We’re both official, and ultimate.

You know that big hunk of rubber sitting beneath your neighbor’s Escalade? Not the official tire of the UFC.

That haphazard inflatable supporting the Silverado parked next to you at CVS? Doesn’t even know what a roundhouse kick is.

And don’t even get us started on the rim huggers carrying that Ford Fiesta. They wouldn’t know a flying knee if it hit ‘em in the face!

If you’re truly an Ultimate Fighting Championship fanatic, why settle on your tires? You need ultimate tires that reflect the wolf warrior spirit inside of you. And that’s Toyo Tires.

Because our tires aren’t just interested in mixed martial arts—they ARE mixed martial arts.

Nine out of ten Toyo Tires have a fifth-degree black belt or higher in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. The tenth is equally as talented but simply chose a different path like non-Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With their ultimate grappling techniques, you’ll never have to rotate your Toyo Tires. They’ll rotate you.

Did you know that most of our tires hold a professional record? Last year, we even had one tire that was previously signed with Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions. From De La Hoya to De La Toyo, we’re on a roll!

And it’s not just where our tires come from that’s ultimately impressive. It’s where they go after you’re done with them too.

Unlike other tires, once Toyo Tires are ready to be retired, they don’t just go rot in some Michigan junkyard like a depressed senile. Instead, they continue pursuing their combat-sport dreams in other ultimate ways.

A handful of Toyo Tires have gone on to open karate dojos all across the San Gabriel Valley. Two of them now teach hand-to-hand combat to Navy Seals. And one tire even made it to the final round of American Ninja Warrior!

All that to say, when you buy a Toyo Tire, you’re not just getting the official tire of the UFC. You’re getting exclusive access to a strong alumni network of disciplined, ultimate tires all around the globe.

We believe that ultimate fighting shouldn’t be confined to an octagon. It should be an all-encompassing lifestyle, like a circle. Or a wheel.

We don’t just watch any fighting championship, we watch the Ultimate Fighting Championship. We don’t just drive any machine, we drive the ultimate driving machine. And we don’t make just any tires, we make ultimate fighting tires.

That’s what it takes to be Ultimate. That’s what it takes to be Fighting. And that’s what it takes to be Championship.

Toyo Tires, the OFFICIAL tire of the UFC.