An office should feel like home. That's why, as CEO of Big Company, I've striven to ensure that every employee feels they are part of the Big Company Family. We're a little unconventional and quirky, but we like it that way! That's what makes us who we are and separates us from the other companies. Other places make you feel like a number, but we make you feel loved, supported, and important. We want every employee to be excited to come into work each day. However, I'm going to have to ask you to clean out your desk by the end of the day today.

Just like any other family, we rely on everyone carrying their own weight in order to succeed. If each one of us puts in effort as if this company was their own kin, we will all be the better for it. “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link,” as my Dad used to say. A Dad, I might add, is a member of a family. Which is what our company is. And that's why it's truly killing me inside to tell you that our family's goals for next year don't seem to include your position and your services will no longer be needed here.

I was heartbroken this past Holiday season when I was unable to make our Big Company Holiday Party, which I had strongly encouraged every employee to attend. It really gave me a bad case of “FOMO” to know that my Big Company Family was all laughing and enjoying each other's company without me. We have precious few hours to relax and unwind with those we cherish the most during the holiday season, and I wish I could've stayed after work for five hours with the rest of you. I feel sick, I really do. But we all make sacrifices for our family. Some of us had to work on Christmas, like Josh from security, who will be helping you take your belongings to your vehicle later on.

I've just been reminded of a vivid memory from my childhood. I remember when I was just a young boy, with my ambitions of one day becoming a CEO a little boy's pipe dream. My family was at the mall, near a toy store. My brother (who is another type of family member) saw an action figure in the window that he really wanted. My father told him: “I'm sorry you cannot have the action figure.” Perhaps our family's shareholders put pressure on my father to tighten the budget. Regardless of my father's reasoning, my brother reacted by having a “meltdown,” right there in the mall. Everyone was looking at my family and silently judging us. It was incredibly embarrassing for me and especially my father, who I considered to be the CEO of my family. Anyways, I sincerely request that you do not “make a scene” as you leave the office this afternoon.

I've always believed that “You Get What You Put In.” You would remember that little mantra from my email signature when I send out company-wide emails. It's a belief that I take to heart, and I work to make sure it's a cornerstone of our organization. In a family, you put in love and respect, and you get it back tenfold. Big Company works the same way. Each day, every member of our family puts in their time, blood, sweat, and tears into the company. And they are handsomely rewarded with a pizza party on the third Friday of every month. That's actually why I waited until today to break the news to you. Before you're escorted out for the final time, you are allowed two (2) slices of your choice of pepperoni or cheese.

Part of what makes a family so powerful is its resiliency. Hardships are endured together, but the collective determination of each member almost always helps a family pull through. Be it the loss of a loved one, or financial hardship, or the board of trustees trying to cut costs to make our shares look more appealing as we prepare to go public… we will always prevail.

And although your position was deemed “redundant” by our outside consulting firm, I just want you to know before you leave: You're not redundant in my heart.