How many hours a day does your mouth just sit there, not earning you a dime? Now, you have the opportunity to create passive oral income by partnering with one of the most exciting sharing economy brands in Silicon Valley. Our app connects you with those ready to give you quick cash for the short-term use of the mouth you already have.

Just think of what you could do with this additional revenue—pay down student loan bills, put a dent in your medical debt, or buy literal gallons of gas—all while networking with neighbors whose lives could be improved by access to an additional mouth. You can gain financial freedom for your family and help others who need to safely store spare retainers, house tropical fish during routine aquarium cleaning, or transport bulk-dried goods in reusable containers.

We’ll help you market your mouth and book up your calendar, with 24/7 text support on our user-friendly app. It couldn’t be easier. To start, simply post a picture of your mouth. Listing your mouth is free! Then set your pricing using our proprietary market research on current rates for mouths in your area.

You can customize your listing by selecting juvenile mouth or adult, whether your mouthspace is pet-friendly, and if you have dentures that could be removed for even roomier storage (with premium pricing, of course!)

Need your mouth for the weekend? Simply block off those dates. You’re fully in control.

We only get paid when you do. Once you put money where your mouth is, we take a simple 49.5% cut of the listing fee, plus tax, service fee, half the cleaning charge, and a simple insurance premium. We only make money when you make money. This is your chance to become a fellow entrepreneur with a tech startup valued at $1.2B.

Hear what other hosts have to say:

“I live in a ski town, and each winter I’m able to pay my rising rent at the ski lodge by warming the hands of tourists’ children!” —Wendy, Boulder, CO

“In my Floridian community, there are many elderly people who have problems dissolving hard-to-swallow vitamins. They come right to me, and the money goes right in my bank.” —Frank, Tampa, FL

“I learned to brew kombucha!” —Karen, Portland, OR


Will I become an employee?

Oh goodness no. You’re the CEO of your own business and have the freedom to design your own lunch breaks, overtime, disability, sick leave, vacation time, unemployment benefits, retirement, and health insurance. Have fun!

Does this platform support racial equality?

We sure say we do!

Are there any other orifices I can rent through your platform?

Not at this time, but keep an eye on our blog and follow us on socials to see future exciting opportunities!


Make your own hours, meet new people, and shape your financial future, all while playing an essential role in the tech disruption. Anyone can be a host. The only question is: Why wouldn’t you?