Hi there… this is my first time in a strip club.

How am I? I'm great, thank you for asking. How are you?

No, I'm not scared at all. In fact an overwhelming feeling of sadness blankets me at this moment.

I know, I'm here really early. I'm actually just waiting for my friends; they're all getting lap dances.

Is it awkward in here or is it just me? I can't shake this feeling.

So it's the shift change right now? Cool.

I feel like they're saying "nude couch" over the loud speaker.

I'm sorry I can't hear you….

Yes, my beer is finished.

Oh I see. I understand that's the policy here but, I only have 3 singles left, so I can't buy another beer. I'm actually saving to buy plane tickets.

Where am I going?

First time strip club experience for a guy

Oh, you said "why are you telling me this." I thought you were asking… nevermind. It's so loud in here.

It's a tremendous location. I've driven by this place so many times on my way to work and never knew it was here.

Absolutely, we can change the subject. I'm a long-time sufferer of anxiety. Maybe "suffer" is a little dramatic—

We don't have to talk about that either. Do you get an hourly wage or is it just tips here?

You seem very earnest; it's just a vibe I get from you.

Hello there, who are you?

Hi Mr. Security, I'm James.

I see, so if I don't buy a beer I have to leave? I was just telling the young lady that I can't buy another beer because I'm saving for plane tickets.

Okay, I'll go. Could you tell my friends that I'm outside?

No? That's fine too. A pleasure meeting you.

Just so you know, I don't like being touched.