Ahoy, matey!

Have ye a taste for adventure? Does a life on the high seas call to ye? Then board our pirate vessel as an unpaid pirate intern!

Ye shall gain priceless real-world experience aboard our fair ship, as she sails the Seven Seas, all while working alongside a crew of industry-leading privateers.

Be there gold? Nay. Be there jewels? Nay. Be there the 2-3 years of experience required of ye to land an entry-level buccaneering position? Aye.

Before ye joins, ye should know that, as an intern, ye won’t learn to raid merchant vessels just yet, fer ye is not qualified for such skilled work. And ye certainly won’t learn to sword fight, fer it be far too dangerous for but an intern, and the liability insurance would be through the roof.

But ye will learn other important pirate skills like swabbing the decks and scrubbing barnacles off the keel. It be not the most interesting of pirating tasks, but necessary tasks they be just the same. Also note that, be ye a lady pirate, ye may be asked to take on additional chores on the ship like darning socks and cleaning the pots and pans in the galley. ‘Tis not that we believe the men pirates can’t do those things, it’s just that ye lady pirates be so much better at them than they. We hope ye understands.

Many a prospective intern has inquired about our ship’s swag-sharing policy, so we want to be totally transparent here. Our crew would love to share our pirate booty with ye, but the reality is that privateering be a difficult trade what with the constant battles with the Spanish Armada and other pirate vessels, so we cannot afford to give our pirate interns a share of our spoils at this time. But rest assured, my hearties, that ye shall be recompensed in the promise of future plunder!

In the meantime, if ye be in need of sustenance, perhaps ye might call upon ye’s parents for aid? And if ye not be from a socioeconomic background where ye’s parents can afford to support ye, well then perhaps there are pirating scholarships ye could apply for? We know not of any, but we be quite sure that where there be a will there be a way. Plenty a pirate has picked themselves up by their pirate bootstraps. Perhaps not on this particular ship, but surely on other ones.

If ye be put off by the lack of treasure upfront, remember that a pirating internship be a coveted position, and there be thousands of other would-be pirates lining up to take yer spot. If financial security be what yer looking for, ye can always take up some landlubbing profession like accounting. But remember, our Captain, Henry Morgan, started out as a pirate intern just as ye would be, and eventually rose through the ranks. Put in yer time, and ye might one day be rewarded! Sure, most pirates only serve as lowly deckhands for about five years before moving back home, but ye could be the exception!

Though there be no pay, ye interns will enjoy all the other benefits that come with working on our ship. Our crew prides itself on our great pirate company culture. Common activities include Monday Rumday, where the whole crew drinks a lot of rum together on Mondays, and Keelhaul Fridays, where a prisoner is dragged underneath the keel of the ship. ‘Tis a fun spectacle to behold, and a great team bonding exercise, I assure ye! The ship also be pet friendly, so interns often bring a parrot or monkey aboard with them. We think these perks more than make up for the lack of loot.

Applicants, ye should make yerselves known to the First Mate, who is the one in charge of pirate intern hiring. But if he happens to only choose the kids of pirates on the ship, we assure ye it’s because they were just more qualified than ye. And remember, there always be accounting!

Our ship discriminates not on the basis of gender, race, nor sexual arrrrrrientation