Are you tired of throwing the same party year after year, with the same decorations and spread from 2002? You're kidding yourself if you think Becky Lynn hasn't noticed you're DIY inept. Becky's Mason Jar and pallet game is on point heading into the summer. 

Mix things up this year and follow these trending DIY projects to get back into the game.

Urban Chicken Coup

For the modern woman who is restricted to city living but really feels pressure from society to raise her own chickens. 

Supplies consist of lumber ($750), paint ($300), and wire ($100). This doesn't include the cost of actual chickens, which you shouldn't concern yourself with because you won't make it that far into this endeavor. You're incapable of keeping a beta fish alive for more than a week, what the hell do you think you're going to do with a bunch of chickens?

Homemade Candles

Before you drop $100 on candle-making equipment, wax, wick, and whatever the hell else goes into a candle, read this DIY first. 

  1. Go to the Yankee Candle Co. at your local mall. You may want to bring a breathing apparatus as suffocation inside one of these stores is almost imminent.
  2. Find the candle with your most favoritist fragrance. 
  3. Take the candle home and run the glass jar and label under hot water for a few minutes. 
  4. Grab your husband's credit card that you bought the candle with and scrape the label off. 
  5. Now, when your friends come over, make sure you light your candle so you can brag to everyone how hip you are for making your own “Yankee Candle.”

Mason Jar Mason Jars

Dazzle your guests at your next soiree with Mason Jar Mason Jars. Everyone will be talking about how modern-country you are when they see these little darlings. 

Simply take an 8oz Mason Jar and place it inside a 32oz Mason Jar. No lights or scarves necessary. 

Just imagine, Becky Lynn might just tell you her family recipe if you let her in on this little secret.

Backyard Fire Pit

Build that backyard fire pit you've always wanted in less than a day!

  1. Find the spot in your backyard ideal for entertaining guests. Make sure this area isn't so close to your house that it causes a hazard but is close enough for your annual Luau. 
  2. Dig a hole 5x5x5.
  3. Take all of the leftover wood from your pallet DIY phase and throw that in the bottom of the hole. 
  4. Take everything you DIYed out of pallets and throw those in the hole too, because no one needs to see your American Flag pallet propped up against your garage anymore. 
  5. Set that monstrosity on fire and open up a bottle of wine. 
  6. Spend the night reflecting on your wasted life in the warmth of your new fire pit.

Socks Everything!

Do you have a drawer full of unmatched socks? Or maybe even a drawer full of socks that you're just way too lazy to pair? From sock puppets to tiny foot sweaters, your sock drawer will turn into a treasure trove of DIY goodness. 

The most fun I ever had with a sock DIY was a tube sock that I crafted into a reusable condom. The trick is to use a tube sock instead of an ankle sock. I find the ankle socks just aren't as fulfilling as the tube socks.

Once you find that perfect sock you should go show it to Becky Lynn's husband. Let's be honest, you will never beat Becky Lynn in a war of DIY, but at least you can DIY her husband.